If you want to automatically update the feeds you added, you can do this by creating a cron job function on your server. You can read this article for more information about creating a cron job function on your server: Cron Job

When your cron job function tries to add articles to your site from the feeds you added, it does not check all feeds at the same time. If you add too many feeds and if you are using a shared hosting, the maximum execution time probably won't be enough to check all feeds. Also, if your site constantly uses too much resources in this way and there is a resource limit for your hosting account, this may cause your hosting account to be banned.

Our script checks only 3 feeds at a time in order to prevent such server problems and to check feeds without any errors.

For example, when the cron job function runs, there will be a request to update the feeds. If you have 10 feeds in your datatabase, the system will check your feeds with this method:

1. In the first request, the system will check the first 3 feeds (1,2,3)
2. In the second request, the system will check the next 3 feeds (4,5,6)
3. In the third request, the system will check 7,8,9 feeds
4. In the fourth request, the system will check 10 and then it will start from 1 again..

Changing the Limit
If you want to update more than 3 feeds in one request, you can make a small change in the codes for this. To do this, open "application/models/Rss_model.php" file and change the limit value in this function:

public function get_feeds_cron()
$query = $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM rss_feeds WHERE auto_update = 1 ORDER BY is_cron_updated, id LIMIT 3");
return $query->result();

Removing the Limit
If you want to completely remove the limit and check all the feeds in one request (we don't recommend this for a shared hosting), open "application/controllers/Cron_controller.php" file and update the "check_feed_posts()" function like this:

public function check_feed_posts()
$feeds = $this->rss_model->get_feeds();
if (!empty($feeds)) {
foreach ($feeds as $feed) {
if (!empty($feed->feed_url)) {
echo "Feeds have been checked!";