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PayPal is not working on my site

If PayPal is not working on your site, please follow these steps:

1. You need to create PayPal API keys with your PayPal "business" account. Your account should allow these kind of payments. After genereting your API keys, you need to enter your API keys from the "Payment Settings" section in the Admin panel.

2.  If you want to test the payment system with sandbox API keys, you need to select "Sandbox" mode in the "Payment Settings" section. If you want to add live API keys and receive the payments, you need to select "Production" mode.

3. PayPal does not work with all currencies. If you add a product with a currency that PayPal does not support, the payment window will not open. You need to use one of these currencies:

Australian dollarAUD
Brazilian real 2BRL
Canadian dollarCAD
Chinese Renmenbi 4CNY
Czech korunaCZK
Danish kroneDKK
Hong Kong dollarHKD
Hungarian forint 1HUF
Indian rupee 3INR
Israeli new shekelILS
Japanese yen 1JPY
Malaysian ringgit 4MYR
Mexican pesoMXN
New Taiwan dollar 1TWD
New Zealand dollarNZD
Norwegian kroneNOK
Philippine pesoPHP
Polish złotyPLN
Pound sterlingGBP
Russian rubleRUB
Singapore dollarSGD
Swedish kronaSEK
Swiss francCHF
Thai bahtTHB
United States dollarUSD

Adding Static Pages

You can follow these steps to add a static page to your site. "static_page" name will be used as an example, but you can change this name as you want.

1. Open  "app/Controllers/HomeController.php" file and add your function:

public function staticPage()
    $data['title'] = "This is a static page";
    $data['description'] = "This is a static page";
    $data['keywords'] = "static,page";

    echo view('partials/_header', $data);
    echo view('static_page', $data);
    echo view('partials/_footer');

2. Create a "static_page.php" file in the "app/Views" folder. You need to add your HTML and CSS codes to this file.

3. Open the "app/Config/Routes.php" file to create a route for your page. You can add the following line just after "$routes->get('/', 'HomeController::index');" line in this file:

$routes->get('/static-page', 'HomeController::staticPage');

After these edits, you can access this page with "" URL.

Adding a New Payment Gatewa

1. Adding Your Payment Account to the Database

Payment systems generally work with API keys ( "public_key" and "secret_key" ). These key names may be different for some systems, but logically work the same way.
To add a new payment system, open the "payment_gateways" table in your database via phpMyAdmin and click the "Insert" link from the menu above to add your payment system.

idLeave this field blank because the id is automatically generated.
nameEnter your payment system name.

name_keyEnter an unique name that does not contain special characters for your payment system.

public_keyEnter the public_key value you created in your payment account.
Example: Adt9g4b-sz6NaQ_dsXGZQ76ah...
secret_keyEnter the secret_key value you created in your payment account.
Example: EL6tE3pLtJ13JebQI5n3Fy57xL7...
environmentThis is the payment mode option offered by your payment system. If you want to add test API keys for your payment system and perform payment tests, you must enter "sandbox" here. If you want to enter your live API keys and receive payments after tests, you must enter "production".
Example: sandbox
base_currencyIf you want to accept payments in only one currency, you can write the short name of the currency here. If you want to receive payments in all active currencies on your site, you can enter "all" here. You can check the "currencies" table in your database for the short names of all currencies available in the system.
Example: USD
status1 or 0. If you do not want the payment system to appear on your site, you need to enter 0. Otherwise, you need to enter 1.
Example: 1
logosOur script displays logos for each payment system on the payment methods page. These logos are located in the "assets / img / payment" folder. For the payment system you add, you can add the logo names you want to show by putting commas between them. You can upload your own SVG logos to this folder.
Example: visa,mastercard,amex,discover